Press Releases

Liability for the transportation of (temperature-controlled) medicinal products
(Transportrecht 3 2024)

Damage report: when is it to be clarified?
(der möbelspediteur 05.2023)

How far does dumping in truck transport go?
(FAZ, 17.04.2023)

When the yacht overturns
(YACHT 20-2022, 21.09.2022)

Sailing yacht overturned: Hull insurer demands recourse
(, 29.08.2022)

Hurricane: Winter storage liable for damaged yacht
(AssCompact, 26.08.2022)

After hurricane: Warehouse operator liable for damaged yacht
(beck-aktuell, 25.08.2022)

Lack of Participation
(der möbelspediteur, 07.2022)

On the test bench
(VerkehrsRUNDSCHAU, 22/2021)

LG Oldenburg does not see Covid in Helvetia’s BSV-AVB ‘in’
(versicherungstip, 44/2020, 27.10.2020)

Why the plant closure complex is so difficult
(Der Versicherungsbote, 26.10.2020)

Plant closure policy: stage victory for Helvetia
(FONDS professionell ONLINE, 20.10.2020)

Tugging on insurance for the
gastronomy – hundreds of corona-
processes are pending

(Handelsblatt, 19.10.2020)

BSV judgement: Oldenburg Regional Court decides pro

(, 15.10.2020)

Insurer wins lawsuit for business closure insurance
(Oldenburger Onlinezeitung, 14.10.2020)

Art. 65 WPV 1999,
Note to the judgment of the Landgericht Bonn of 03.05.2019, Ref. 31 O 4/19

(TransportR. 10 2019, S. 462)

Insurances fail in court
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 06.09.2018)

Yacht owners under power
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.07.2018)

Noise guards sue the city
(Hamburger Abendblatt, 13.07.2018)

Transportation in individual cases is sufficient for moving contract
(der möbelspediteur, 02.2018)

European Court of Justice bans  truck drivers from sleeping in the truck for the weekend
(der möbelspediteur, 02.2018)

DVZ interview with lawyer F. Geissler on the admissibility of the overnight stay of truck drivers in the vehicle during the statutory rest periods
(DVZ, 15.02.2018 )

Legal action for defective batteries
(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 31.05.217)

Botch on the circuit breaker
(Merkur, 02.06.2017)

“Extended storage”: notice requirement of the furniture shipper
(der möbelspediteur, 11.2017)

Hanjin-Pleite: First claims for damages are soon lost
(verkehrs RUNDSCHAU, No 31/2017, 01.08.2017)

Check claims in case of Hanjin Shipping
(DVZ, 01.08.2017)

Demurrage fees und Bill of Lading
(VHSp Verein Hamburger Spediteure e.V.,
newsletter 20.04.2017)

When is “high hand” a “high hand”?
Customs damages new furniture

(der möbelspediteur, 02.2017)

Talking creates more security
(DVZ, 28.11.2016)

Prohibition of set-off in case of move damages
(der möbelspediteur, 11.2016)

Unqualified and unmotivated move staff
(der möbelspediteur, 07.2016)

Reform of German maritime law underway
(Maritime Risk International, 09/2013)

Is the German armed guard accreditation worth it?
(Lloyd’s List, 12.07.2013)

Germany to tighten rules on security firms
(Maritime Risk International, 03/2013)

Many open questions
German authorisation in the fight against piracy
(W&S, 02/2013)

The fight against piracy at the Horn of Africa –
Germany wants an authorisation for armed guards
(Legal Tribune Online, 10.09.2012)

Living by the sword: Germany moves to regulate armed guards
(Lloyd’s List, 13.08.2012)

Solar companies defrauded
(top agrar online, 03.08.2012)

More defrauded solar companies

Law office warns against solar module fraud

PMSCs and German Government Legislation

Increasing loss of shipped securities
(letter from a reader)

Reimbursement after Heros’ bankruptcy
(Lebensmittel-Zeitung, 22.12.2011)

Heros – Aggrieved parties are sucessful
(LZ, 27.09.2007)

Insurance has to pay
(Hamburger Abendblatt, 21.09.2007)

Mannheimer loses first Heros-trial
(Finacial Times, 21.09.2007)

Mannheimer has to pay for Heros-damages
(Handelsblatt, 21.09.2007)

Silver lining for Heros aggrieved parties
(LZ, 27.04.2007)

Heros and the consequnces
(JUVE Rechtsmarkt, 03/2007)

Series of law suits continued
(LZ, 23.02.2007)

Assecurance presses distributors
(LZ, 12.01.2007)

Mannheimer does not want to pay
(Handelsblatt, 11.01.2007)

Distributors are filing claims against Mannheimer
(Finanzzeitung 47)

The cross cheque trap
(DVZ, 22.06.2004)

German Post stops sending out private securities
(Der Tagesspiegel, 07.08.2002)

The yellow giant – apparently just a dwarf?
(Die Säge, 03.09.2001)

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